BEC-9: Is the Bidder required to meet a certain credit rating threshold in order to participate in the RFP?

It is not a condition of participation in the RFP that the Bidder itself meet a certain credit rating threshold or that the Bidder rely on the financial standing of a Guarantor that meets a certain credit rating threshold.

Under the applicable supplier agreement, the Bidder or a Guarantor, if applicable, may be granted unsecured credit based on a creditworthiness assessment. The creditworthiness assessment, provided to the Bidder with the Part 1 Notification, is based on the Bidder’s (or Guarantor’s, as applicable) financial statements and credit ratings submitted with the Part 1 Proposal. If the Bidder (or Guarantor, as applicable) does not meet the minimum credit ratings, as provided in Table A of the (AIC) Confirmation Agreement, Paragraph 10 of the Coversheet of the (ComEd) Master Agreement, and Table B of the (AIC) Capacity Agreement, then the Bidder (or Guarantor, as applicable) receives a Collateral Threshold Amount of zero and would not receive unsecured credit under the applicable contract. In this case, the Bidder would be required to post cash or a letter of credit to meet the collateral requirement under the applicable contract.