Indexed REC-65: Is the Indicative Quantity submitted in the online Part 2 Form part of the Bid?

Bids are not submitted with the online Part 2 Form by the Part 2 Date. A Bidder must submit the Part 2 Proposal, excluding Bids, to the Procurement Administrator by 12 PM (noon) on the Part 2 Date. The Bidder’s Bids must be received between 10 AM and 12 PM (noon) on the Bid Date. The Bid Form, as provided to each Bidder by the Procurement Administrator with the Part 1 Notification, is the exclusive method for submitting a Bidder’s Bids.

The Bidder must provide in the online Part 2 Form an indicative quantity of RECs for the Project that represents what the Bidder intends to offer as the full quantity. This indicative quantity of RECs is specified as an annual quantity of RECs. The indicative quantity provided in this section is not binding in that the Bidder may place a Bid on the Bid Date that specifies a full quantity that is different from the indicative quantity submitted in this section, provided that such full quantity in the Bid does not exceed the Maximum Bid Size.