WND-31: Is the Part 1 Proposal the only opportunity for us to provide comments to the Pre-Bid and Post-Bid Letters of Credit? When will the final versions of these documents be posted?

A Bidder may provide comments on or propose modifications to the Post-Bid Letter of Credit as appended to the REC Contract or to each Pre-Bid Letter of Credit. These comments or proposed modifications are submitted with the Part 1 Proposal.

The final version of the Standard Pre-Bid Letter of Credit for each Company was posted on August 28, 2018 and the final versions of the Post-Bid Letters of Credit were posted on August 22, 2018. These letters of credit will not change based on comments or proposed modifications submitted during the Part 1 Window. Instead, any comments or proposed modifications may result in an addition to the list of modifications to the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit or list of modifications to the Post-Bid Letter of Credit approved by the Company for use by all Bidders on an optional basis.