Archived-BEC-79: Is the Supplement U.S. Stay Protocol required to be executed by a winning Bidder?

A supplier that is a “Regulated Entity” under the ISDA Stay Protocol has the option to execute the Supplement by mutual agreement of the Parties. This option is not new for the procurement events held in 2023. During the proposal process, each Bidder will be asked to provide the information to prepare the applicable supplier contract and will be asked to check a box to indicate that they wish to use the Supplement. A bidder that chooses not to use the Supplement should simply leave this box unchecked. This information will be requested for each Company for which the Bidder submits a Proposal in either the AIC Energy Contract Insert (#P1-3), the ComEd Contract Insert (#P1-5), the MEC Contract Insert (#P1-7), and/or the AIC Capacity Contract Insert (#P1-9).