4: Is there a process to propose an alternate form of guaranty for use under the applicable Energy Master Agreements?

There is no process for a supplier that has corporate policies that require it to use its own form of guaranty to submit such an alternate form for approval. The comment process on the standard contract documents for the Spring 2014 Procurement Events is limited to proposed changes to the standard contract documents from 2012. There were no changes to the Form of Guaranty for either Ameren or ComEd, the Procurement Administrator does not expect comments from interested parties in regards to the Form of Guaranty. However, there exists a set of optional modifications to the Form of Guaranty for both Ameren and ComEd that suppliers may use on an optional basis. These optional modifications are provided for Ameren in Schedule 1 of the Confirmation Agreement and for ComEd in the Optional Changes to the Form of Guaranty document. These documents are currently posted on the Supplier Products Section of the IPA procurement web site.