GEN-44: Is there an upcoming procurement for RECs from Brownfield Site Photovoltaic Projects?

Currently, there is no procurement for RECs from brownfield site photovoltaic projects scheduled for 2020.  The IPA’s Final Revised Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan (“Final Revised Plan”) is dated April 20, 2020 and it states that (section 5.9.3): “if funds are available and additional Adjustable Block Program procurement quantities are satisfied, the Agency would conduct a procurement for 50,000 RECs delivered annually from Brownfield Site Photovoltaic Projects.”  Section 3.22 of the Final Revised Plan explains the priorities that the IPA would use should additional funds become available.  The Final Revised Plan is available here:

If a Brownfield RFP is scheduled, information pertaining to this procurement will be posted to the procurement website.  The schedule will be posted to the Calendar page of the procurement website and an announcement will be sent to all registrants at that time. If you are not already registered, please join our mailing list to receive updates and announcements regarding RFPs announced by the Procurement Administrator by completing the Contact Us form here: