SPV-98: Is there any circumstance under which a Bidder whose bids are not recognized as winning bids could be offered to sell SRECs to the IPA at a price lower than what they bid in the SPV RFP?

The evaluation of Bids in the Supplemental Photovoltaic RFP (“SPV RFP”) has two steps. In the first step, all Bids that fail to meet or beat the benchmarks are eliminated. In the second step, the Procurement Administrator evaluates the Bids that meet or beat the benchmarks. Only bids that meet or beat the benchmarks can be identified as winning Bids.

The Illinois Public Act (“Act”) calls for the Procurement Administrator to notify potential bidders that the Procurement Administrator may enter into post-bid price negotiations. However, the Supplemental PV Procurement Plan as approved by the Commission specifies that no such post-bid negotiations will occur.