DG-135: It is my understanding that if we are presenting a system that qualified in Spring 2017, all we have to do is to email the AC rating size of the system to the Procurement Administrator and to update the letter of credit. How do we update our bids?

We would like to clarify that while you will not have to provide information on the system characteristics anew or to resubmit documents regarding a system presented in the Spring 2017 DG RFP to the extent that all such information remains valid, you will still be required to present a Part 1 Proposal and a Part 2 Proposal that satisfy all the requirements of the Utility DG RFP, including presenting at least 1 MW of systems, making all certifications required, and presenting your bids in accordance with the instructions provided by the Procurement Administrator.  Full requirements will be available when the RFP is issued on September 7, 2017.