Archived-BEC-101: May we use multiple projects to participate in the BEC RFP?

Under the supplier contract, there is no generation source or project size specified for purposes of meeting the obligations. A Product in the procurement of Block Energy is a constant quantity of energy to be supplied to a Company at the delivery point specified by that Company in either the On-peak Segment or the Off-Peak Segment of a specific month. The Target for a Product is expressed in number of 25 MW blocks. A Product in the procurement of Capacity is an annual Zonal Resource Credit, as such term is defined in MISO’s Business Practice Manuals and MISO’s Open Access Transmission, Energy and Operating Reserve Market Tariff. In order to bid, a Bidder must meet the qualification requirements described in the RFP Rules. Notably, as fully described in the RFP Rules, the Part 1 Proposal requirements include, but are not limited to, being a member of PJM in good standing (either as an Affiliate Member or as a Voting Member as those terms are defined by PJM) and/or a Certified Market Participant in MISO (as this term is defined by MISO).