DG-117: My understanding is that the Utility DG RFP had a total budget of $46,538,119 (over 5 years), and intended to procure 27,702 RECs per year. Will the RECs procured in the Spring DG procurement event be subtracted from these totals in determining the Target and Budget for the Fall DG procurement event? Are those figures available now?

The DG procurement events for 2017 (both Spring and Fall) had a preliminary Overall Budget of $46,538,119 which spans the five years of the contract. The DG procurement events had a preliminary Overall Target of 27,702 RECs on an annual basis. Of the overall Target of 27,702 RECs, a Spring Target of 19,549 RECs was established, all of which were procured in the Spring Utility DG procurement event.

The number of RECs procured in the Spring DG procurement event and the budget associated with these RECs will be subtracted from the Overall Target and Budget. However, the Overall Target and Budget are subject to revision.  The Target and Budget applicable to the Fall Utility DG procurement event will be announced in the coming weeks.  If you have not done so already, please register to receive our announcements.