W&S-6: On slide 13 of the presentation from the Wind and Solar RFP Virtual Contract Workshop held on June 6, 2017, there appears to be a discrepancy in the number of RECs the Seller won (6,000 RECs) and the Maximum Contract Quantity (15,000 RECs) indicated in the example Table 1. Please explain this discrepancy.

This is not a discrepancy. The example on this slide illustrates a hypothetical Seller that was awarded 6,000 RECs to be delivered on an annual basis. These winning RECs are then allocated to the Buyers (the three electric utility counterparties to the contracts) as follows: 1,350 RECs to AIC; 3,650 RECs to ComEd; and 1,000 RECs to MEC.  For illustrative purposes, Table 1 from the REC Contract is shown for the corresponding MEC contract, which indicates the Annual Quantity of 1,000 RECs and the Maximum Contract Quantity, or the maximum quantity of RECs to be delivered to MEC over the 15 year term of the contract, of 15,000 RECs.