73: Our bank is requesting a change to the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit. How do I determine whether the change will be acceptable to the Company?

In its Order approving September procurement events, the Illinois Commerce Commission specified that the contracts and letter of credit forms would be the same as those used in the Spring 2014 procurement events. Thus, no new or additional modifications may be proposed to the form of the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit.

The Pre-Bid Letter of Credit that you submit with your Part 2 Proposal for a Company either must use the standard form or must only include modifications that are acceptable to that Company and posted to the procurement website. All modifications that are acceptable on an optional basis to each Company (Ameren or ComEd) are posted to the Standard Products page of the procurement website under the heading “September 2014 RFP Rules (final) (August 21, 2014)” under the link for the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit (Appendix 7 for Ameren and Appendix 8 for ComEd). Please check this document to determine whether a particular modification requested by your bank is acceptable to the Company.