W&S-161: Our Project has a large number of executed leases for the site. Can we submit a spreadsheet with information about the Owners? Can we provide one typical lease?

Regarding providing information about the Owners, Please see FAQ-WS-101. You may submit the information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet must provide all of the required information from the Owner’s Insert (#P1-2) for each of the Owners. If an Owner is an individual, you must provide a phone number and email address.  If the Owner is an entity, you must provide the name, title, phone number, and email address for a representative of such Owner.  Since there are multiple Owners, you must indicate the proportion of the project site controlled by each owner.

While you are required to identify all Owners, for purposes of submitting documentation to demonstrate exclusive control of the Project site, you must provide documentation for Owners that together control at least 50% of the Project site. If this would still require you to provide a large number of leases, if you are using a small number of standard documents across all Owners, you may: (i) present one complete sample of each such document (as used with and signed by one of the Owners), (ii) provide a representation that the documents not presented are substantially of the same form; and (iii) provide the signature pages for other leases for which a complete document is not presented.