BSP-20: Our Project has qualified pursuant to a successful Part 1 Proposal. Is it possible to amend the Project size? The Project does not have a signed interconnection agreement.

For a Project that does not have a signed interconnection agreement, the Procurement Administrator will allow a change in this regard in limited circumstances, namely if:

  • The site control documentation as submitted with the Part 1 Proposal is sufficient to support the changed size of the Project;
  • The Officer of the Seller resubmits the representations required by the P1 Project Certifications Insert (#P1-4); and
  • The Bidder submits sufficient bid assurance collateral to support the increased size of the Project as necessary.

The Procurement Administrator requires notice of the Seller’s desire to change the Project size no later than five (5) business days prior to the Bid Date and the Procurement Administrator will determine whether such a change can be allowed at that time.