DG-9: Regarding the System Identification Form (Exhibit B), would you please let me know if the Host Acknowledgement and Certification form (Appendix C) is required in the instance that the system owner is not the host?

You seem to be referring to documents appended to the contract forms that were used in the procurement events under the Supplemental Photovoltaic Procurement Plan (“SPV”). Please note that the procurement event under the Utility DG RFP to be held this Spring uses an entirely different contract form and the requirements for the submission of a Proposal will be different from the requirements in the SPV procurement events.

Please see the draft contract form here (comments are due March 9):

Please also note that, to assist bidders who may preparing to participate in the DG RFP, the Procurement Administrator has made an early release of information and documents, including a Sample Host Acknowledgment. This Host Acknowledgment is included in the “Sample Documents” posted to this page:

While the DG RFP Rules have not been released, it is anticipated that the Host Acknowledgment will be required for a system presented as part of your Proposal if: (i) the system is new (i.e., energized on or after June 1, 2017); and (ii) the System Owner and the Host are different entities or individuals.