6: Section 10.8 of the ComEd Energy Master Agreement requires for the execution of the Guaranty to be signed in counterparts. Please confirm that this is not a mistake given our guaranty do not require countersignatures, and therefore our guaranties are not set up to be executed in counterparts. We’d propose to strike any language referring to the guaranty, as it could cause confusion for our agreement and guaranty.

The language in Section 10.8 of the ComEd Energy Master Agreement (as modified in the coversheet) is not a mistake. Please note that all suppliers relying on a guarantor under the ComEd Energy Master Agreement are required to use the standard form of the guaranty appended as Schedule 2 to the Collateral Annex, or incorporate only acceptable modifications to the standard form of guaranty (a list of acceptable modifications to the form of guaranty has been to the procurement website (  The standard form of guaranty requires both ComEd and the Guarantor to execute the guaranty for the guaranty to be effective.