SPV-120: Should I include in the forecast quantity provided in Section 3 of the online Part 1 Form the quantity of RECs from the systems identified in the Worksheet Insert?

No. The Bidder provides information for each system that has been identified (from the Sub-25 Category or from the 25-Plus Category) in the Worksheet Insert (#P1-2) prepared for this purpose. Entirely separately, a Bidder may include in its Proposal a forecast quantity of RECs from systems in the Sub-25 Category that are not yet identified as of the opening of the Part 1 Window by entering this quantity in Section 3 of the online Part 1 Form. The total RECs presented in the Proposal would then be the sum of the RECs from identified systems as detailed in the Worksheet Insert (#P1-2) and the RECs from the Forecast Quantity provided in Section 3.