W&S-213: Suppose a Bidder is submitting Proposals for multiple Projects and the Bidder posts a single pre-bid letter of credit for each Company or provides a single deposit to each Company as bid assurance collateral. The amount of bid assurance collateral is at the maximum. If a draw is required on the bid assurance collateral because of an issue with a single Project, how is the refund of bid assurance collateral handled for the other Projects?

If bid assurance collateral provided for multiple Projects was at the maximum and a draw is required on the bid assurance collateral for one of the Projects, the amount of the draw would not exceed the amount that would have been required as bid assurance collateral for that Project alone. The rest of the bid assurance collateral could be returned.  If submitted as cash, the Seller would be required to submit a new request for return of cash to each Company for the appropriate amount (given that the return of cash letters provided with the Part 2 Proposal are for the full amount of the cash deposit).