BEC-19: The issuing bank for our pre-bid letters of credit will not allow communication by electronic means to effect a draw. Can we provide comments on this provision included in Paragraph 4 of the pre-bid letter of credit?

The deadline to request modifications or provide comments on the changes to the Standard Pre-Bid Letters of Credit was 12PM (noon) CPT on April 2, 2019 (the Part 1 Date) and there is no longer an opportunity to provide such comments.

However, please note that, for each procurement event, it is an acceptable modification to remove the ability of the applicable Company to effect a draw through electronic means.  Please refer to the Acceptable Modifications to the Standard Pre-Bid LC posted for each Company posted to the Final Materials of the procurement website (in particular, see modification 4.1 for both AIC Capacity and Energy Products, modification 4.6 for ComEd, and modification 4.1 for MEC). Any modification in these documents is available for use by a Bidder on an optional basis.