W&S-170: The LOI for site control names one of our affiliates rather than ourselves. What additional document do you require in this case?

Please see Appendix 4: Minimum Requirements for Letter of Intent or Memorandum of Understanding posted under the FINAL Wind and Solar RFP Documents header on the Final Materials page of the procurement website. The Seller or Bidder must be identified by its legal name and the name of a representative for the Seller or Bidder must be provided along with the representative’s title and email address.

If the LOI names an affiliated company of the Bidder/Seller rather than the Bidder/Seller themselves, then the terms of the LOI must make it clear that the counterparty to the lease, easement, or option, may be the named company or its affiliates. Furthermore, an explanation or documentation must be provided to the Procurement Administrator to link the company named on the LOI to the Bidder or Seller.