WND-1: The workshop presentation states that utility-scale projects must be energized no later than three years after Commission decision. Which Commission decision is meant in this context? Is there a separate deadline for first REC delivery?

For a utility-scale wind project to be considered “new”, as specified in the Act, it must be energized no later than three years after the Commission decision on the results of the procurement event for which the project is approved.  Thus this is not a fixed date but a date that will vary depending on the date of a specific procurement event.

Separately from this requirement, the IPA is currently seeking stakeholder input on the deadline for first REC delivery. The IPA’s Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan targets the 2020-2021 Delivery Year for first REC deliveries under the Forward Procurements, but does not indicate a specific date.  Feedback regarding the deadline for first REC delivery is requested under Topic 1 in the IPA’s Request for Comments.