BSP-36: To meet its statutory target, will the IPA need to conduct another brownfield procurement?

The brownfield procurement that was conducted in 2019 had target of 80,000 RECs delivered annually, in excess of the statutory target for 2020-2021. While the exact quantity procured was not released, the IPA noted in its Revised Long-Term Plan that this procurement resulted in the IPA exceeding its statutory target of 40,000 RECs delivered annually by 2020-2021.

In its Revised Long-Term Plan, the IPA also notes that unless additional funding becomes available, its available funds will not be sufficient to support another brownfield procurement.  However, should additional funding become available, the IPA proposed that the first priority would be to meet the 2025-2026 targets under the Adjustable Block Program and the IPA proposed that the second priority would be to hold an additional brownfield procurement with a target quantity of 50,000 RECs delivered annually.

Please see the IPA’s draft Revised Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan released on August 15, 2019 available here: