WND-2: To qualify for the Fall 2019 Utility-Scale Wind RFP, can the Project be located in a state that is adjacent to Illinois?

Projects located in Illinois will be eligible as will Projects located in a state that is adjacent to Illinois as long as the facility meets the public interest criteria specified in Section 1-75(c)(1)(I) of the IPA Act. Adjacent states include Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. In its Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan the IPA proposed a methodology and point system for determining whether a project satisfies those public interest criteria and the proposal was approved by the Commission on April 3, 2018.   A Project located in an adjacent state must receive a score of at least 60 points. In order to apply to the Agency for consideration for eligibility, please download and complete the eligibility request spreadsheet posted on the IPA’s website under the header “Adjacent State Facility Eligibility” here. The completed spreadsheet should be emailed to Please allow the Illinois Power Agency five business days to review adjacent state project eligibility spreadsheets submittals.

If the Project is located in a state adjacent to Illinois, the Bidder will be required to provide evidence that the IPA has determined that the Project meets the public interest criteria in the Act and has been pre-approved by the IPA to be eligible for Illinois RPS compliance. This is expected to be a requirement of the Part 1 Proposal of the Utility-Scale Wind RFP due on October 2, 2019.