BEC-29: We are a current supplier for AIC’s Energy Products. If we win again in the upcoming Fall 2023 procurement event, can we amend our Guaranty that is currently in place under the (AIC) Confirmation Agreement or do we need to issue a new Guaranty?

A winning supplier for AIC’s Energy Products in the Fall 2023 Block Energy and Capacity RFP that is already a supplier to AIC from a prior procurement event may not amend their existing Guaranty and must issue a new Guaranty.

The contract execution process is fully described in Paragraph VI.2.18 of the RFP Rules and summarized below.

A Bidder that relies on the financial standing of a Guarantor and has winning Bids for a procurement event for AIC must provide a fully executed Guaranty to AIC electronically by 12 PM CPT on the third business day after the ICC decision. The Bidder must use the standard form of guaranty, Form of Guaranty, and may incorporate the optional changes for AIC. The optional changes for AIC are in the documents named “Schedule 1 to the Form of Guaranty” and “Schedule 2 to the Form of Guaranty”. A Bidder may also meet the collateral requirements of the (AIC) Confirmation Agreement by posting cash or using one of two options for the Post-Bid Letter of Credit. All documents referenced are posted to the Final Materials page of the procurement website under the “FINAL Fall 2023 (AIC) Confirmation Agreement” heading and dated July 18, 2023.

Please note that a comment process is expected to take place on the draft supplier contracts for the Spring 2024 Block Energy and Capacity RFP prior to the supplier contracts being finalized. At that time an announcement will be sent to website registrants and a Calendar will be posted on the procurement website for deadlines regarding this expected comment process.