IFP-53: We are deciding whether to proceed to the Part 2 Proposal stage. If we do not, how do we formally withdraw from the procurement event? Does such a withdrawal from the first procurement event impair our ability to participate in the second procurement event with the same Project?

There is no process for “withdrawing” from a procurement event under the RFP Rules.  We interpret your question to be asking whether there are any penalties (or negative consequences for participation in the second procurement event) if you fail to submit a Part 2 Proposal in the first procurement after qualifying a Project pursuant to a successful Part 1 Proposal.

The answer is no.  There is no penalty for not submitting materials for the Part 2 Proposal for a Project after that Project has qualified pursuant to a successful Part 1 Proposal.  Should you wish to participate in the second procurement event, the process is streamlined.  You may simply resubmit the online Part 1 Form without changes during the Part 1 Window for the second procurement event.  Your Part 1 Proposal will be complete to the extent that you did not advise the Procurement Administrator that information contained in the Part 1 Proposal was no longer valid.