IFP-81: We are in the process of acquiring a Project that we would like to present in a Proposal under the New Solar RFP. Is it possible to present a Project under these circumstances?

Although it is expected that the Bidder or Seller will own the Project presented in the Proposal, it is possible to submit a Part 1 Proposal while still negotiating with another party to acquire the Project.  While possible, the submission of the Part 1 Proposal in such circumstances may pose specific challenges.  Please be prepared to provide documentation to show that, even if negotiations are on-going, you have an agreement with the current owner to acquire the Project.  You will be required to provide documentation to establish site control.  To the extent that the current owner of the Project has agreements with landowners to use a site for purposes of developing the Project, you will be required to show that such agreements have been transferred or will be transferred to you.  Furthermore, the entity that is intended to be the signatory to the REC Contract for the Project must be formed as of the Part 1 Date.

This response highlights some key requirements that may be more challenging in your particular circumstances.  This response is not an exhaustive list of the qualification requirements for the Part 1 Proposal.  Please review Article IV of the RFP Rules as well as the illustrative Part 1 Form for a complete description of the requirements.