STP-16: We are intending to submit multiple proposals for multiple subsidiaries. Will we be able to pay a single bid participation fee or will each subsidiary be required to pay the bid participation fee separately?

Before submitting a proposal for multiple subsidiaries, please review the requirements of the Proposal under the STP RFP. In particular, as a requirement of the Part 2 Proposal, a Bidder is required to make a number of certifications, including:

  • That the Bidder is bidding independently and has no knowledge of any Proposal being submitted for this procurement event by another Bidder in response to the RFP;
  • That the Bidder has not disclosed, and will not otherwise disclose, publicly or to any other party any information relating to its Proposal (this information is defined in the RFP Rules, and includes, but is not limited to, the fact that the Bidder is submitting a Proposal for this procurement event).

We note that the fact that you are asking whether multiple subsidiaries must pay the bid participation fee implies that you have knowledge of each subsidiary’s intention to submit a proposal. It thus would appear that you would not be able to make the certifications above (and potentially other certifications required by the Proposal).