DG-139: We are providing documentation from GATS to show that a system is existing, i.e., energized and registered through GATS. The size on the GATS documentation is nameplate capacity (DC rating). Is the Bidder required to explain the discrepancy between the DC rating in the GATS documentation and the AC rating provided in the Worksheet Insert?

The Procurement Administrator acknowledges that the system size provided on GATS documentation provided with the Part 1 Proposal is based on nameplate capacity (DC rating) and will not be identical to the system size based on size (AC rating) in the Worksheet Insert (#P1-2). The Procurement Administrator does not require the Bidder to explain the difference between the DC rating and the AC rating.  However, the Procurement Administrator may ask for additional information if the DC and AC ratings do not appear consistent with each other, for example because the ratio of the DC to AC ratings is not consistent with industry norms, which may indicate an error in the AC rating or the documentation provided.