IFP-5: We have a commercial customer for a project who is interested in taking part in the upcoming solar program in March. Would such a customer be eligible?

From the information provided we are unable to determine whether or not a project constructed by your customer is eligible to participate in the New Solar RFP scheduled for March. The New Solar RFP aims to procure RECs annually from new Solar Projects that are either utility-scale solar or brownfield site photovoltaic projects. Projects that were energized as of June 1, 2017 are not eligible. A utility-scale solar project means an electric generating facility that generates electricity using photovoltaic cells and that has a nameplate capacity greater than 2,000 kW (AC rating). A brownfield site photovoltaic project means photovoltaics that are interconnected to an electric utility, a municipal utility, a public utility or an electric cooperative as defined by the Act. There are additional requirements for brownfield site photovoltaic projects to be eligible to participate in this procurement event.