DG-77: We have several systems in our Proposal that we do not own but for which the System Owner and Host are the same entity. What happens if we gain ownership of the systems after the bidding process? If we do so, will a Host Acknowledgment be required at that time?

Please note that a Host Acknowledgement is required in the case of a new system (i.e., not energized as of March 28, 2017).

For the systems to which you refer in your question, if the System Owner and the Host are the same, but the Bidder is not the owner, you, the Bidder, will be required to provide i) a signed contract between the Bidder and the System Owner; or (ii) a letter of intent between the Bidder and the System Owner in which the System Owner agrees that it intends to give the Bidder unconditioned title to the RECs from the systems or the right to legally transfer or assign such RECs to a Company under the term of the applicable supplier contract.

All information provided and certifications made in the Part 1 Proposal, including the identity of the owner of the system, must remain valid and in full force until seventeen (17) business days after the Bid Date. During the Proposal process, once a system is marked as done, and the Bidder is notified of that fact, the Bidder may not change the information or documentation with respect to that system. If the information or documents for the system are no longer valid, the system must be withdrawn from the Proposal.

If the systems to which you refer in your question are part of bids that are approved by the Commission, and after the seventeen (17) days after the Bid Date there is a change in ownership of the system, no further documentation will be required at that time.