DG-42: We have systems that do not meet the capacity factor that will be used for evaluation purposes. Can we, as part of our Bids, either vary the system size or the capacity factor? We are not sure whether the system could fulfill the 80% delivery requirement under the contract.

As explained in Paragraph V.5.4 of the DG RFP Rules, the annual volume of RECs to be delivered each period (with the exception of the first year for new systems) is determined by the winning system’s size (nameplate capacity DC Rating) and technology-specific capacity factor as provided in Table I-1 of the RFP Rules. The same capacity factors are used for all Bidders presenting systems of a given technology. In accordance to Paragraph IV.3.3, you certified that the size of the system provided in the Identification Worksheet is accurate and this size will be pre-populated in your Bid Sheet so that you may not vary it as part of presenting your Bids.

Under the applicable supplier contracts, the Seller must deliver at least 80% of the quantity of each Product (meaning RECs for systems under 25 kW or RECs for systems 25-2,000 kW) by the July 15 immediately following the Delivery Year. If there are less than 10% of the RECs under contract from a given Product, at least 80% of the aggregate quantity across the Products must be delivered. However, please note that there is no requirement to deliver 80% of the quantity of RECs from any particular system.