W&S-160: We have three Projects. Do I submit one Part 1 Proposal or do I submit the Part 1 Proposal three times? Do I have to submit the information for all three Projects together or can I submit the information one Project at a time?

If one Bidder has three Projects, the Bidder submits a Part 1 Proposal three times, using login credentials from three different accounts from which you will access the online Part 1 Form. Some information, such as information regarding the Bidder and Sellers, is only required to be submitted once.  After you submit the Part 1 Proposal for your first Project, you will be able to indicate in the Proposals for the second and third Projects that this information has already been submitted.

You do not need to wait to submit all Proposals at one time. You may submit one Proposal for one Project before the others.  In fact, the review of the first Proposal by the Procurement Administrator may assist you in avoiding deficiencies in your Proposals for your other Projects.