SPV-170: We have two systems, a 1 MW system and a 800 kW system. Both of these, for a variety of reasons, have the same expected production on a yearly basis. How is this handled in the SPV Contract? Is there a way to set the Maximum Contract Quantity on the basis of yearly production instead of the DC capacity rating?

As explained in Paragraph I.4.9 of the SPV RFP Rules, the Maximum Contract Quantity of RECs to be delivered under the SPV Contract is determined by the winning system’s size and assumes a capacity factor 14.38%.  This calculation is the same for all systems with no deviations.  Additionally, please note that in the Part 1 Proposal, a Seller must certify that the size of the system is a reasonable estimate of the DC capacity output of the system and that such estimate is based on the equipment that is or will be installed, and the manufacturer’s specifications.

The IPA, the Buyer under the SPV Contract, may, but is not required to, offer to purchase, RECs from the system in excess of the Maximum Contract Quantity. The Seller may, but is not required to, sell to the Buyer RECs in excess of the Maximum Contract Quantity at the winning bid price for the system.