IFP-34: We intend on contracting with a developer to install a Project on our property. As land Owner, can we be a Bidder in the New Solar RFP?

The “Bidder” is the entity submitting the Proposal and “Seller” is the entity intended to be the signatory to the REC Contract for the Project. If the Bidder is presenting a single Proposal for a single Project, which appears to be the case, the Bidder and the Seller must be the same entity.

If the land Owner has not yet selected a developer, the land Owner would be both the Bidder and the Seller. The Owner would be required to submit the Proposal and sign the REC Contract should the Project be selected through the New Solar RFP and approved by the Commission. Please note, however, that there are two procurement events under the New Solar RFP and the Owner also may opt to participate in the second procurement event only, for which the Part 1 Window opens on March 30, 2018.