SPV-188: We will have a contract with the IPA for a system under 25 kW under the terms of the SPV Contract. Can we plan to add to the capacity of this system at a later date?

Please refer to Section 3.9 of the SPV Contract regarding restrictions on the ability to change the system size. Examples of restrictions include, but are not limited to, Section 3.9.2 that requires any changes in size to be within the greater of: + 25% or + 5kW from the Planned Installed Capacity and Section 3.9.3 that requires for the Final System Size to not result in a change in a Size Category. Nevertheless, systems that are co-located can be considered separate systems under the SPV RFP as long as each system has its own separate revenue quality meter and has its own identifier in the applicable tracking system (GATS or MRETs).