Indexed REC-43: Can you please confirm that the bid assurance collateral does not need to come from either the Bidder or Seller entities and may come from a parent entity?

Yes. The Bidder may post the bid assurance collateral through an entity other than the Bidder or Seller (e.g., from a parent company).

If bid assurance collateral is in the form of cash, the Procurement Administrator requests, but does not require, that you confirm via email to when you have initiated the wire transfer, including the amount and the identity of the entity that initiated the wire transfer.  If the bid assurance collateral is provided as a Hardcopy or Electronic Letter of Credit from an entity other than the Bidder and Seller itself, the letter of credit must clearly identify the Bidder and Seller accordingly.  In the Letter of Credit, the first sentence of Paragraph 2 should read “This Letter of Credit is issued at the request and for the account of [other entity] on behalf of [Seller / Bidder].”