S&B-12: Were RECs from brownfield site photovoltaic projects procured in the second procurement event under the New Solar RFP? It is not clear from the Information Release posted on May 2, 2018. Also, please provide some additional details on upcoming brownfield site photovoltaic project procurements.

The Procurement Administrator released the results of the New Solar RFP in accordance with Section 16-111.5(h) of the Public Utilities Act and prior Commission Orders, and no additional information is available.

In its draft Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan, the Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”) proposed to hold a forward procurement for Brownfield Solar in 2018. This procurement was approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission in its Final Order released on April 3, 2018. Unlike the Initial Forward Procurement, there is a quantity of 80,000 RECs set aside to be procured specifically from brownfield site photovoltaic projects. In previous events, there was no set aside quantity for brownfield site photovoltaic projects so that RECs from utility-scale solar projects and from brownfield site photovoltaic projects competed against each other.

The calendar for this procurement is available on the Calendar page of the procurement website:

For additional information, please check the dedicated Brownfield and Utility-Scale Solar Procurement page of the procurement website, which will be updated as more information becomes available: