Indexed REC-12: What are the additional avenues for fulfilling the MES?

The IPA encourages applicants to utilize all possible means for identifying, recruiting, and hiring EEPs, especially those that qualify by virtue of their status as formerly incarcerated, a graduate of the foster care system, or a resident of an equity investment eligible community. The Long-Term Plan outlined several strategies that may be useful:

  • Working with State-approved job training and workforce development programs to recruit EEPs and provide evidence of outreach
  • Maintaining applications of individuals not selected for an opening for contact regarding future project openings
  • Participating in job fairs and related local community events to recruit a diverse workforce
  • Utilizing the Energy Workforce Equity Database
  • Outreach on various platforms of targeted social media, engagement in direct outreach to relevant associations or organizations to notify them of the project opportunity. (2024 Long-Term Plan at page 362-363).

The IPA cannot provide advice to bidders regarding the specifics of a recruitment strategy or point an entity toward specific organizations or events where it might recruit EEPs.