SPV-86: What are the characteristics for qualifying systems under the IPA’s 2015 procurement plan?

The system requirements applicable to all procurement events under the Supplemental Photovoltaic Plan are the same and include that the system: 1) must be new, meaning that it must have been energized after January 21, 2015; 2) must have a revenue quality meter; 3) must be interconnected with a regulated utility, municipal utility, or rural electric cooperative in Illinois; 4) must be registered with PJM-EIS GATS or M-RETS; and 5) must be installed by Qualified Persons as this term is defined in the law. For further information, please consult the Final SPV RFP Rules from the June 2015 procurement event posted to the Supplemental PV Procurement Section of the procurement website. Updates may be made when the RFP for the November 2015 is issued.

Please note that the budget and products to be procured change with each procurement event. For the upcoming November 2015 procurement, the budget is $10,000,000 and three products will be recognized, namely RECs from 1) sub-25 kW systems, for systems below 25 kW in nameplate capacity (DC rating); 2) 25-500 kW systems, for systems greater than 25 kW but no more than 500 kW; and 3) over-500 systems, for systems above 500 kW but no more than 2,000 kW.