Indexed REC-21: What are the requirements to demonstrate adequate project maturity?

In the Part 1 Proposal, the Officer of the Seller is required to make a representation that the Project has reached the appropriate development milestones to fully expect that the Project will deliver its first REC to each Company by a date consistent with terms of the Indexed REC Contract. In the Part 1 Proposal, an RFP Bidder will also be required to provide documentation to demonstrate adequate project maturity. The RFP Bidder must provide, if available for the Project, one of the following:

  • the Queue/OASIS ID from PJM and a copy of the completed System Impact Study from PJM for the Project; or
  • the Project Number from MISO and a copy of the Preliminary System Impact Study under Definitive Planning Phase 1 (“DPP 1”) under the DPP-2020-Cycle 1 or a later study cycle; or
  • the Project Number from MISO and a copy of the fully executed interconnection agreement for the Project; or
  • a fully executed interconnection agreement with a utility for the Project.

If none of these are available for the Project, or if the Bidder cannot provide a document that shows that the Project is further in the interconnection process, then the Bidder must: (i) describe the stage of development of the Project applicable to the point of interconnection and to the size of the Project; and (ii) demonstrate control for a portion of the Project site as described in Paragraph IV.5.2 of the RFP Rules.

Revised 03/28/2022, originally posted 02/22/2022