SPV-165: What defines an identified system? Must identified systems be installed or energized by a certain date?

An Identified System is a system for which the Bidder has some or all information required by the Worksheet Insert (#P1-2) and some or all of the documentation required by the Backup Insert (#P1-3). Please see Paragraph IV.2 of the SPV RFP Rules for more details. Generally, a system is an identified system if the Bidder provides:

1) Information regarding system characteristics, including: size, system owner information, location, system host information, interconnecting utility, customer account number, system energized date, and seller information; and
2) Documentation regarding the system characteristics, including: system size certification, documentation to support the stated energized date, seller-owner agreement, host acknowledgment, and a certification regarding previously presented systems.

The latest date by which identified systems under this third SPV RFP must be energized is March 31, 2017.