9: Has the ICC ever rejected the Procurement Monitor’s recommendations? If so, what were the circumstances for rejecting?

The Procurement Plan provides for purchase of electric supply to serve certain customers of Ameren Illinois Company (“Ameren” or “AIC”) and Commonwealth Edison Company (“ComEd”). Each of ComEd and Ameren is referred to as a “Company”.


The evaluation of Bids proceeds separately for each Company. For each Company, there are two steps. In the first step, all Bids that fail to meet the benchmarks established by the Procurement Administrator, the Procurement Monitor and the IPA are eliminated. In the second step, the Procurement Administrator evaluates the Bids that meet or beat the benchmarks and selects a package of Bids that procures all needed blocks for the Company at the lowest average cost per MWh.


Within two (2) business days of the Bid Date, the Procurement Administrator submits to the Illinois Commerce Commission (“ICC”) a confidential report that provides the results of the bidding related to each procurement event, as well as a recommendation on whether these results should be accepted or rejected.  Within two (2) business days of the Bid Date, the Procurement Monitor also submits to the ICC a confidential report regarding the results of each procurement event. The ICC will decide whether to accept or reject the results of each procurement event within two (2) business days of receiving the confidential reports from both the Procurement Administrator and the Procurement Monitor.

Public notices regarding the ICC’s prior decisions in procurement events since 2008 are provided here:

The ICC has not rejected the results of procurement events held during that time.