DG-36: What happens if capacity is added to a system selected through the DG RFP? Will I be able to sell the production from the new system capacity into the DG procurement?

Systems are considered separate if each system has its own revenue quality meter and has its own identifier in the applicable tracking system (GATS or MRETs).  If the “added capacity” results in a new separate system then this system could be presented separately in a future DG procurement (or an SPV procurement event to the extent that the system in question is a solar photovoltaic system).

For the case that the “added capacity” is incremental to a system that is selected through the DG RFP, the added capacity could not be bid separately into a DG procurement event or through an SPV procurement event if it is not a separate system.  There may be also consequences to adding capacity to a system that is selected under the DG RFP in an incremental manner under the applicable supplier contract. For example, we note that no substitutions are allowed between the Size Classes.  It is entirely the Bidder’s responsibility to review the applicable supplier contracts and assess the feasibility of future system expansions.