DG-111: What happens if the actual size of one of our systems turns out to be less than expected? Does this lead to a draw on the Letter of Credit?

The final system size may be different from the planned system size indicated in your Proposal as long as the new system size does not result in a change in the Size Class of the system (e.g., from Small to Large, or vice versa).  This does not in itself lead to a draw on the Letter of Credit (although if you fail to identify sufficient capacity to correspond to the forecast quantity you bid, this could lead to a draw on the Letter of Credit).

Please note that if the system size is reduced for one or more of your systems, this will NOT lead to a reduction in the Maximum Annual Quantity, which is the number of RECs expected to be delivered under the applicable supplier contracts. If you do not deliver the Maximum Annual Quantity, there is no penalty under the applicable supplier contracts as long as you provide all of the RECs from the systems associated with the applicable supplier contract with the utility.  You must not be withholding RECs from the utility or selling RECs from such systems to another party (such action would be a condition of default under the applicable supplier contract).