Indexed REC-2: What information is available related to the consideration of a Fall 2023 Indexed REC RFP in addition to the Summer 2023 Indexed REC RFP that has already been scheduled?

The targets announced on the procurement website are applicable to the Summer 2023 Indexed REC RFP only.

The targets and details for a Fall 2023 Indexed REC RFP have not yet been announced. The IPA 2022 Long-Term Plan states that “With this 2022 Long-Term Plan being approved in July 2022, the Agency expects to conduct the 2022 procurements late in the calendar year to allow for time to implement any changes to the procurement requirements resulting from the approval of this plan. For 2023, the Agency proposes to hold the procurement in late spring or early summer—and if procurement volumes are not filled, the IPA would consider holding a subsequent procurement in late 2023.”