W&S-187: What is due on August 23, 2017, the Part 2 Date?

The Part 2 Proposal includes a completed online Part 2 Form, including all required Inserts, and the submission of bid assurance collateral to each Company in the form of a Pre-bid Letter of Credit or cash.

The online Part 2 Form is accessible on the Qualification Forms page of the procurement website. Bid Assurance Collateral Instructions and W-9s for each company were provided with the Part 1 Notification sent on Monday, August 14. All Inserts required for the Part 2 Proposal, including the Cash Certifications Inserts, are posted on the Final Materials page of the Wind and Solar section of the procurement website. Click on the “P2 Form: P2 Inserts” to download the file; it is dated July 31, 2017.