W&S-30: What is the bid participation fee for the Wind and Solar RFP? Is this fee paid for each project or for each participant? Are there other fees for which a participant is responsible?

Each participant in the Wind and Solar RFP will be required to pay a non-refundable Bid Participation Fee of $500 (unless such participant has already paid a Bid Participation Fee in 2017 pursuant to its participation in the Block Energy RFP or the Distributed Generation RFP).  A participant that presents several projects is only required to pay a single Bid Participation Fee.  The Bid Participation Fee will be used to cover part of the costs of the 2017 procurement events.  The Supplier Fees, which are levied only on those participants that have bids approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission, are also used to cover part of the costs of the procurement events.  An estimate of the Supplier Fees, which will be in $/REC and will be applied to the annual quantity of RECs for a winning project, was provided during the webcast on July 19.

Revised 8-01-2017 first posted 6-13-2017