Indexed REC-14: What is the earliest date that RECs may start being delivered under the Indexed REC Contract?

Under the Fall 2022 Indexed REC Contract the first contract start date could be as early as January 2023. The Delivery Term, as such term is defined in the Indexed REC Contract, will start on the date that the first REC is issued by PJM EIS GATS or M-RETS for the Project for a Vintage of January 2023 or a later Vintage (such month being the “Earliest Vintage Month” as defined in the Indexed REC Contract).

This Earliest Vintage Month has been updated to August 2023 within the Summer 2023 First Draft Indexed REC Contract. Please note that there is a comment process ongoing that will take place prior to the issuance of the Summer 2023 procurement’s RFP Rules and Contract and elements of the Summer 2023 First Draft Indexed REC Contract and Fall 2022 Indexed REC Rules may be subject to change. Please see the Calendar posted on the procurement website for deadlines regarding this comment process.