CMC-1: What is the process for submitting comments on the draft CMC Contract?

Comments on the draft CMC Contract must be submitted by email to the Procurement Administrator at Comments must be clearly indicated with tracked changes in Microsoft Word. We strongly encourage you to provide explanatory notes either in a separate document or highlighted in tracked changes. Please provide telephone and email contact information with your submission. The Procurement Administrator will follow up via phone or email if clarification regarding your comments is needed. The deadline to provide comments is 5PM Central Prevailing Time (“CPT”) on November 1, 2021.

Please note that the CMC contract terms are subject to the IPA’s Carbon Mitigation Credit Procurement Plan (the “CMC Plan”). The IPA’s petition for approval of its CMC Plan was filed on September 29, 2021 in ICC Docket 21-0718 and is pending Commission approval at this time. Proposed changes to the draft CMC Contract may only be considered for incorporation if they are consistent with the CMC Plan, as may be modified by the Commission decision in ICC Docket 21-0718.