Indexed REC-66: What is the relationship between the annual quantity indicated in our bid and the annual quantity in the Indexed REC Contract? Also, how is the Maximum Contract Quantity under the Indexed REC Contract determined?

First, if you bid and win in the RFP, the RECs from your winning Project will be allocated by the Procurement Administrator to the Companies in pre-specified proportions (27.793% to AIC, 71.925% to ComEd, and 0.282% to MEC). As such, it is contemplated that you will sign three contracts, one with each of AIC, ComEd and MEC.

Second, the annual quantity that you bid and win in the RFP will be the “RFP Awarded Annual Quantity” in each of the Indexed REC Contract. The Annual Quantity in a contract will reflect the portion of the RFP Awarded Annual Quantity allocated to such contract. The Maximum Contract Quantity will be equal to the Annual Quantity indicated in such contract multiplied by 20.